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Three fine art blogs that every arts professional has to read

There’s so much going on in the Internet nowadays; it’s difficult to find content that matters.

The Professional Fine Art Network recommends all types of visual art including infographics, design, photography and much more including the individuals responsible for making them. While filtering out all the unnecessary content, we look for fantastic sites and specialists set apart from the rest.

Here are 3 top picks with exceptional individuals blogging about their work and their views of the world.

1. Artist A Day


AAD or ArtistADay is a blog featuring rising artists and exemplary craftsmen from around the world. This blog gives you the opportunity to find and gather artists from different disciplines.

2. On My Wall

On My Wall is a blog covering a wide range of topics, aimed at the art novice. Also featuring a store, the content serves to inform the reader about Art history, as well as discuss cultural elements within the art market and community.

3. Colossal


Colossal in an online journal that started in 2010 in the hope of finding works showcasing the different aspects of society. This website garnered the Utne Media Award for Arts Coverage in 2013 because of its collection of posts on engineering, photography, paintings and even road craftsmanship. If you’re looking for a mix of expertise in many fields, Colossal is the blog for you, especially if you want to read about amazing humans working incredibly to change the world.